When I became admin I promised the wiki there would be a major cleanup and there'd be new stuff I'd open up.

Since Bloody has stepped down from adminship I've come up with a new graphic for the background. It's too dark (the background of the words) and it's a little dull and outdated. Solution?

I've drawn a new picture and I'm giving it a bright and cheery background. Yes, I drew it, but you won't be disappointed, as it has "World of Fanfictions" on the front cover (hinthint, it's a book).

World of Fanfictions Wiki was founded by Jayfeather Forever to inspire others to make their own stories, games, whatever they wanted, but mainly fanfictions, so I felt a book sporting this wiki's name is upmost appropriate and encourages new users to write new stories and read others', so I have decided to make this new graphic.

With that, I will make a new Logo for the wiki to go along the lines of the book idea, but with a pencil also with the wiki's name on it (the moral of the pencil is to encourage the reader to want to "pick it up and start a new story").

The background and logo will be up soon!


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