Bloodstar18 has been banned for a set time of infinity from this wiki and chat for harrassment of users and dictorial, unfair ruling over this wiki.

Sorry to those of you who were his friends, but he caused a huge fight consisting of FOUR different wikis, and he STILL fought me over dry bones without treason or obey of this wiki's newer, fair rules.

I found it a threat to the community of this wiki and others for him to be around at World of Fanfictions Wiki and it had to stop. So I took care of it.

Again, I am sorry to his friends (Ducky, Cinder, etc.) but I didn't want to see any of us get further harmed by him and I know you guys didn't like his arguing either.

Also, I'll be a bit inactive. I just moved into my new house in a state far away from all my friends and I have a TON, a _TON_ of unpacking to do :<

So see you guys soon. I'm sorry about this issue, it's over now ^L^


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