• Violetofen4

    A) Ducky left the wiki :( He asked me to be the head admin, I am.

    B) Dead is now an admin; Bird is now a rollbacker.

    C) Bloody's banned.

    D) I don't know where Cinder hopped off to xD (Where are ya Cindy?)

    So yeah. I have to fix the main page now that WOFW is under my head o3o. Don't worry, I won't be cruel like Bloody, I'll make sure the rules are fair and the wiki's tons of fun!

    Vi, out!



    If you were once an admin here that Bloody took away, TELL ME NOW. I WILL RETURN YOUR ADMINSHIP BACK TO YOU! Why? I didn't find it fair at all he chose admins then quickly took the rights away. I will be giving it back. That's just who I am xD

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  • Violetofen4

    As Admin

    July 11, 2012 by Violetofen4

    Alright, so getting down to the basics.

    If you haven't read my previous 2 blogs, there has been a new update to the wiki's background and logo. The blog about the logo and background is located here. I find the new look very appropriate and soothing in appearance to those who want a more "bright" future for the wiki :D

    Second, Ducky asked me to let you guys know that Bloody is banned forever on here. Reason is very plain here.

    As admin I'm going to help rewrite the rules to make them a bit less strict and simpler to follow. Again, Jayfeather Forever made this wiki to inspire to write, and I want it to be a safer place to enjoy and write :)

    Also, I've been working on plot ideas for SSiS. I will write more to it soon, don't worry x3

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  • Violetofen4

    New Wiki Background

    July 11, 2012 by Violetofen4

    When I became admin I promised the wiki there would be a major cleanup and there'd be new stuff I'd open up.

    Since Bloody has stepped down from adminship I've come up with a new graphic for the background. It's too dark (the background of the words) and it's a little dull and outdated. Solution?

    I've drawn a new picture and I'm giving it a bright and cheery background. Yes, I drew it, but you won't be disappointed, as it has "World of Fanfictions" on the front cover (hinthint, it's a book).

    World of Fanfictions Wiki was founded by Jayfeather Forever to inspire others to make their own stories, games, whatever they wanted, but mainly fanfictions, so I felt a book sporting this wiki's name is upmost appropriate and encourages new users to write…

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  • Violetofen4


    July 11, 2012 by Violetofen4

    Bloodstar18 has been banned for a set time of infinity from this wiki and chat for harrassment of users and dictorial, unfair ruling over this wiki.

    Sorry to those of you who were his friends, but he caused a huge fight consisting of FOUR different wikis, and he STILL fought me over dry bones without treason or obey of this wiki's newer, fair rules.

    I found it a threat to the community of this wiki and others for him to be around at World of Fanfictions Wiki and it had to stop. So I took care of it.

    Again, I am sorry to his friends (Ducky, Cinder, etc.) but I didn't want to see any of us get further harmed by him and I know you guys didn't like his arguing either.

    Also, I'll be a bit inactive. I just moved into my new house in a state far away…

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  • Violetofen4

    Happy 4th!

    July 4, 2012 by Violetofen4

    Happy 4th everyone! :D

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