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    June 22, 2012 by Mintleaf913

    Hi! It's me, Mintleaf. I just want to talk about Mapleshade. I think Mapleshade was going to be a great warrior, but after ThunderClan and RiverClan rejected her, she went bad. I feel sorry for her; Mapleshade loved her mate, and she had kits. But after she told ThunderClan her secret, they rejected her from the clan, along with her kits! Mapleshade tried to carry them to RiverClan, but she lost balance and they drowned. Mapleshade's mate blamed her, and RiverClan casted her out! It's just sad that Mapleshade was cast out to live as a loner. I would get revenge, too. Look at Leafpool and Crowfeather! They need to be punished, badly. I think Leafpool and Crowfeather should have been banished, instead of Mapleshade. Leafpool was a medicine c…

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