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    Hey! I was browsing DeviantART and I saw free adoptables. I liked that idea, so I'm gonna try some adoptables of my own. I'll give you descriptions and background on the cats and a side view of them all. Lineart copyright wildpathofshadowclan, and I only take credit for the coloring. Here's the first set. Sorry you have to click it to get good enough sight. :(

    You may adopt one from each set. A set is a picture. If there's more than one in a set, you can adopt two, but then you have to skip adopting any from the next set. Be careful who you adopt!

    Honeyweasel: Honey- orange brown-tipped Siamese she-cat with amber/yellow eyes. She was born a kittypet, raised a kittypet, then raised a warrior, and plans to die a warrior. Now owned by Birchy.


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  • EmeraldeKitty008

    Fan fic help

    February 12, 2011 by EmeraldeKitty008

    Hey, yall! Um, I was just wondering: After Karlaneye and Furlanfoot is completed, what should I do for fanfics?

    Options: Another Warriors, a Wolves of the Beyond, or a Fire Within


    Warriors: You probably know. It's the cats in the Clans, they fight, fall in love, etc, etc.

    Wolves of the Beyond: Similar to Warriors, but with wolf packs. There's gnaw wolves, and it's cool. I'd suggest it for reading- by Katherine Lasky, author of Guardians of Ga'Hoole.

    Fire Within: David the tenant goes to live with Liz and Lucy Pennykettle and discovers Liz's pottery dragons can come to life. Also recommended, if I can remember the author!

    So anyhow, I need your help. I'm gonna put a comment for each section, and put a reply comment under the one you thin…

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