I stare into your soul
Holy Starclan, look at what I found:

Here is a list of things I thought to say about it (don't get offended, it was just for fun):

  1. I watch you while you sleep
  2. I like bunnies, soft, soft, bunnies...for dinner
  4. I'm your mom.....yeah, I'd cry too
  5. She makes my mom proud I didn't come out like that....And I'm ugly
  6. In america, we stare at people with special needs, in russia, people with special needs stare at us.
  7. Its head is big....but its neck is to defys gravity
  8. Little Boy: Mommy, why is it so ugly. Little Boy's Mom: Because god hates the handicaps sweety (I'm going to hell for this one)

It looks like its not altogether there, know what I mean? Anyway, Just thought I was funny......I kinda feel bad about what I said, was funneh.

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