Eaglefoot: brown and black moltted tabby tom.

Lionheart: golden brown tom with super strenght.

Beethorn: light brown and silver tabby she-cat with a short tail.

Shinepaw: white she-cat.

Caffinchclaw: brown and white tom.

Snakepaw: brown, black, and white tom.

Willowfern: light gray she-cat with a long tail and white sploches.

Fallenheart: black tom. Has heart pains.

Sunapple: light gray and dark ginser she-cat.

Bearclaw: dark brown tom and pale white underbelly.

Tigerpaw: ginger tom with black stripes.

Creampelt: pale cream tom.

Pumpkinpaw: light ginger she-cat.

Dearflight: pale brown tom.

Waterfall: pale blue-ish gray she-cat

Fishpaw: white and gray tom.

Snowflake: white tom, former kittypet.

Russetrain: dark ginger she-cat, having Caffinchclaw's kits: Firekit, Icekit, Troutkit, and Rainkit.

Leopardoak: half Lepardclan. golden brown with black spots. Stays to help new mothers.

Leafrussel: brown and cream she-cat, having Stormsong's kits: Whitekit and Fawnkit.

Fallenrain: light gray tom

Like the title says. I just dont want to forget these

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