Hi there! Cinder and I are hosting a writing contest!

Given Plot Detail

A cat has to appear, it can talk, but does not have to, and must be a guide. To where? You decide!

It should be set on earth, and in the future.

First person or Third? You Decide!


Winner's Trophy

Second Place Trophy

Third Place Trophy


WInner's Trophy:

  • We will advertise your story!
  • You get the greatest of the misterious prizes!
  • Your story gets a Winner's Trophy!

Second Place Trophy:

  • You get the other misterious prize!
  • Your story gets a Second Place Trophy!

Third Place Trophy:

  • Your story gets a Third Place Trophy!


There must be 5 - 20 chapters.

You CAN'T put a story up for adoption in this contest.

You must follow the given plot details.

Judging begins on the 1st of August, so be done by the 25th of the July.



Cinderstar of ThunderClan


Ducky - The Unending Flame

Eagle - Fangs

Crystal - Shattered

We're still taking more users :)

Side Note

Thanks for joining :D

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