The fight.


You must save us.

Save us, Thornwind!

Save us!

The brown she-cat slipped into a dark, deep sleep. Her sides barely moved as her breath thinned. Her once vivid blue eyes were shut tightly.

"Hhuh... uh. Hhuh... uh." She breathed with great effort. But what could she do? She let go and let the wave of eternal darkness take over...

A silent place... That was her first new thought. Why do I sound so... wierd? were her first new words. The she-cat took a step forward. Why aren't my paws feeling the ground? This rocky terrain should be hurting me by now. She looked down- and gasped.

Her fur was translucent. Her paws were translucent. SHE was translucent! Suddenly she came to. I'm dead! Voices came around her with this realization.



"Yes, Magpiethroat, it's Thornwind."

"Isn't it obvious that it's Thornwind?"

"Welcome, youngster!"

"Thornwind! You made it!"

"Mama? Who's this?"

"Shut up, Hailkit."

"Be nice to your brother!"


"You goof! Are you deaf?! It's Thornwind!"


"Oh, I was so worried..."

"Magpiethroat, hush. You can stop dying of relief now."

"I'm already dead."

"Well DUH!"

"I don't get it."

"Thornwind, go away. You don't belong here."

"Don't listen to the fleabag! Come closer, youngster!"

"Ugh, not another cat..."

"I'm hungry!"


"My paws are wet!"

"Come now, step up. We're not harmful."

"Just the opposite, in fact. Thanks to the stupid thing called dying."

"It's part of life, you idiot."

"Oh, hush!"

"Thornwind, you'll soon find your place. In the meantime, come closer as I have asked. We want to welcome you face to face."

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