Name Usurper King Zant
Description See picture
Trivia Weilder of Death Bringer.

Zant is Caius' servent.

He wants to rule Ariea along with Caius.

Zant is half way crazy, and wants Midna dead, so he can reanimate her and make her his bride.

Summoning comand: Kill for pleasure.

Quotes None as of now
Books Alive The Twilight Princess

The Green Warrior

The Usurper King

Books Dead The Mad King

The Inferno King

The Beast King

The Majestic Star

The Twilight Necklace

The Shadow Monarch


The Twilight PrincessEdit

Coming soon

The Green WarriorEdit

Coming soon

The Usurper KingEdit

Cominf soon

The Mad KingEdit

Coming soon

Abilities, Powers, and WeponsEdit

Coming soon


Coming soon

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