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This is a list of ratings that must be put on your story to let readers know if the story is appropriate for them.

Please Note: All the ratings (except for Mature with censored cursing) should not have cursing what so ever! Make sure that your story is tagged to one of the ratings. Stories can contain items from other ratings of the lower rank (not taking something from Mature when you have a Moderate rating.) Thank you. Happy B-Day for me! XD 9 days to go 02:19, September 19, 2011 (UTC)

Also Note: I got most of these rating from the Warriors Fanon Wiki, so credit goes to the admins at the WFW.


This rating is for anyone to read. It may contain: humor, but it can contain a bit of violence.


This is a rating for anyone 9+. This rating may contain: moderate violence, some humor and maybe romance.


This rating is for more mature readers (13+) and may contain: intense violence, minor gore, suggestive themes, or intense humor.


This rating is for reader 17+, but those who dare read these are warned. Mature may contain: extreme violence, extreme blood/gore, mature themes, mature humor, censored cursing.


This rating is for 21+, but those who dare to read it are warned. Extreme may contain: extreme violence, extreme blood/gore, mature themes, mature humor, cursing, sexual content.

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