Call of Storm PackEdit

Male Alpha: Courage

Female Alpha: Silver

Second Alpha Male: Jay

Second Alpha Female: Sky

Third Alpha Male: Seeker

Third Alpha Female: Song

Top Beta Male: Black

Top Beta Female: Inspire

Beta Males: Leap, Growl, Fierce, Lash, Fang

Beta Females: Sugar, Keen, Belief, Blossom

Gammas: Fury, Mud

Deltas: Dove

Blue Moon PackEdit

Male Alpha: Red

Female Alpha: Dawn

Second Alpha Male: Dusk

Second Alpha Female: Blue

Third Alpha Male: Twilight

Third Alpha Female: Raven

Beta Males: Slash, Night, Fog, Storm, Bear

Beta Females: Mist, Honey, Dew, Lace, Swallow,

Gammas: Ink, Heart

Deltas: Lion


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