Professor Aiki Masoya
Proffessor Aiki, Pokemon Extrodinare! (And a little on the weird side...)





Hair Color

Pale red

Eye color

Crystal Blue

First Pokemon

Pikachu (recieved as child); Tympole, Shinx, Hoppip (given out to new trainers)

Clothing Colors

Green and blue


Aiki Masoya grew up in Gjenitiin Town with (at the time) young Bruce Carlsman.

The two grew a close friendship. In their teen days, Bruce wanted her to travel the world with him, but she refused, wanting to be a professor, not a true trainer. Bruce leaves, but returns with a Pikachu he gives her as a goodbye present.

In their 20s, Aiki achieved her goal as a Professor, with Pikachu as her partner. Bruce returns to Bluedawn region and becomes the 8th Gym Leader.

Much to her dismay, her once-lost love never visited Aiki out of his own grief-bound anger, so lost little Aiki grew the same. They never talked again.

Professor Aiki gave Lilian her Shinx and set her off on her adventure through Bluedawn.