Molestar- black tom


Mallowfoot- brown tom with light brown feet

Medicine Cat-Edit

Swallowpelt- tabby she-cat

Maplenose- golden she-cat


Smoketail- dark gray tom

Berrypelt- cream and white tom

Adderstripe- reddish brown tabby tom

Flystep- black tom

Fallenfeather- tortoiseshell she-cat

Whitepaw- pure white tom

Spidertail- brown tom with a silver tabby striped tail

Beetlepaw- black and white tom

Snakestep- light brown tom with tabby legs

Daisypaw- ginger she-cat

Fernstem- tortoiseshell she-cat

Moonpaw- tortoiseshell she-cat

Icefall- pure white she-cat

Ashpaw- black tom

Aspenshine- silver tabby she-cat

Mossypelt- brown and white she-cat

Birchheart- brown tabby tom Stormcloud- gray tom

Clawtail- white tom with a scarred tail

Flowerpelt- ginger and white she-cat

Timberfrost- brown and white tom

Poppybreeze- ginger and white she-cat


Lily- black and white she-cat

Sunbright- bright ginger she-cat

Mousetail- gray and white she-cat

Shrewkit- gray and black tom

Applekit- golden she-cat

Blackkit- black tom

Mosslight- tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Pebblekit- dappled gray tom

Willowkit- tortoiseshell and white she-cat

Redleaf- ginger she-cat

Lightkit- white she-cat

Rowankit- ginger tom


Feathercloud- gray she-cat

Wavepool- gray and white she-cat

Leafspeckle- dappled brown and ginger she-cat


Gravel- big, burley, gray tom

Boulder- huge black tom

Cassandra- tortoiseshell she-cat

Robin- small, dark tortoiseshell she-cat

Francis- black she-cat

Claw- light brown tom

Sand- light brown she-cat

Ellie- simese she-cat

Syd- gray she-cat

Pod- black she-cat

Bean- brown tabby she-cat

Rye- tabby tom

Tim- huge light brown tabby tom

Lynnie- silver and black she-cat

Frank- silver tom

Trent- brown tom

Ruth- ginger she-cat

Zeb- white tom

Thrush- cream colored tom

Starling- ginger tom

Spruce- brown tom

Dyhna- ginger she-cat

Moss- small brown and white tom

Spiral- silver and black tabby she-cat

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