Southstar- big, fluffy, goldn tom


Pinenettle- brown tabby tom

Medicine Cat-Edit

Snakefoot- light brown tom with tabby-striped paws


Leopardface- black she-cat

Silverpaw- silver tom

Flowerheart- brown-and-white- she-cat

Beeshine- golden she-cat with black stripes

Mouseheart- tiny brown she-cat

Darkfur- dark tom

Thistlefoot- light gray tabby tom

Smallpine- brown tabby she-cat

Rosestem- tortoiseshell she-cat

Sunbright- bright ginger she-cat

Ducksplash- big, fluffy, mottled gray tom

Graypaw- small gray tom

Bumblebee- dark tabby tom

Honeywing- ginger she-cat

Violetfur- small gray she-cat

Duskshine- golden-brown she-cat

Starlingpaw- brown tom


Lilypetal- light gray she-cat, mother to Pinenettle's kits

Dawnkit- cream-colored she-cat

Applepaw- golden she-cat

Mistflower- gray she-cat, mother to Bumblebee's kits

Thornkit- light brown tom

Whitekit- white tom

Hawkkit- brown tabby tom


Grassfoot- light brown tom

Crowheart- black tom



Stonestar- black tom


Greenstem- brown tom

Medicine Cat-Edit

Badgerscar- black and white tom with scars all over his pelt


Leafwhisker- brown tabby tom

Hawkflight- brown tom

Fruitpaw- ginger she-cat

Redleaf- ginger she-cat

Gingerpaw- ginger tom

Scartail- tabby tom with scars crisscrossing his tail

Glitteringpaw- gray tabby she-cat

Littlepoppy- brown tabby she-cat

Flyface- black tom

Tinypetal- white she-cat

Deadeye- mottled brown tom, blind in one eye

Rockpelt- black tom

Robinshade- dark tortoiseshell tom

Blackscar- black tom with scars on his flank

Oakclaw- brown tom

Owlwing- tabby she-cat

Yewleaf- small gray she-cat


Larchleaf- brown tabby she-cat, mother to Scartail's kits

Clawkit- light brown tom

Icekit- silver-and-white tabby she-kit

Hollytail- pale gray she-cat, mother to Robinshade's kits

Jaggedkit- tortoiseshell tom

Jumpkit- black tom

Juniperkit- pale-gray she-kit


Harefur- brown tom

Treefire- ginger-and-black tom

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